Our Story


30 years And just getting started

Founded in 1994, and previously known as markettiers4DC, we started life as a radio PR specialist. Over time we have consistently evolved, innovated, disrupted and expanded – introducing new products and services to better help our clients meet their commercial objectives.



Unwavering Purpose

Over the years we have been responsible for multiple industry firsts, including the first live outside radio broadcast stream, the first online livestream event and the first Facebook virtual public event.



All for one and One for All

Today AFO is a network of award-winning agencies, and is at the heart of many of the world’s most successful marketing campaigns, working with the most prestigious, challenging and globally renowned brands.

We started out with the belief that real success could only come by working closely with our clients -working together as one. And it’s still the belief we live by today. All For One.


Our Team

AFO’s Management Team has a wealth of experience across all areas of our businesses and work with senior management within our companies to ensure we exceed both our clients’ and our employees’ expectations every time.


Howard Kosky

Facetune_13-11-2023-16-00-24 (2)

Peter Mitchell

Group Managing Director
Facetune_13-11-2023-16-03-03 (2)

Danni Leith

Director of Group Operations
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Stuart Lyons

Director of Finance


Data driven.

Tech enabled.

Broadcast activated.

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